Prime Lightworks was founded in 2015 by Kyle Flanagan to investigate measurements of impulsive thrust from a closed radio frequency (RF) cavity in vacuum. We remain hard at work developing superconducting RF resonant cavity thruster technology for CubeSat propulsion, while recognizing the long-term nature of this endeavor, and keeping aim on revenue and company profitability. For these reasons, we are expanding our technology portfolio for renewable space propulsion to include green hydrogen rocket engine development for reusable launch vehicles.


  • Y Combinator Summer 2016 Batch Raised $1.825M SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)
  • Greentown Labs Member Company since July 2016: Cleantech Incubator Prototyping Lab Space
  • Cleantech Open West 2018 Transportation Winner; Honorable Mention Emerging Technology
  • Starburst Accelerator Portfolio Company since July 2019: Paris Air Show 2019 Cohort
  • SmallSat Conference 2019 Technical Poster Presentation: Thrust Measurement Error Analysis
  • StartEngine Reg CF Launched December 20, 2019: Raised $1.059M Common Stock Offering
  • SmallSat Symposium 2020 Conference Speaker: SmallSat Startup Pitch—Prime Lightworks Inc.

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